TO DECORATIVE OR NOT TO HELP GREEK Adverse reports about them, Smart Faculty Visit shared an article

TO DECORATIVE OR NOT TO HELP GREEK Adverse reports about them, Smart Faculty Visit shared an article from The Serious College Direct about heading Greek at a student’s standpoint, listing the professionals and Frauds of Ancient greek life. Subsequently after reading the item, I thought it may be interesting to view Greek living from a parent’s perspective. Ever since i have particular experience of this type of college living, I wanted to express my thoughts and suggestions to help different parents who all might be went down that road in the future.

When my daughter set about her faculty search course of action, Greek life was at the highest of your ex MUST HAVE number. Her granny was a Zeta and this girl had always wished for to follow with her actions so to speak. I had formed my worries (most of these related to the particular social facet of Greek life), but I actually supported the woman dream as well as her college choice according to this requirements.

Just a thirty day period into her freshman 12 months, rush initiated. Many of her new good friends were intrigued by pledging sororities and they most of attended hiring events. As soon as the bids showed up, my boy was supposed to promise, give your word two sororities and chosen the one that this girl felt fit her attitude best she felt secure and at relieve with the members. When the a few months of pledging and ‘hell week’ ended up over, my daughter joined up with Alpha Phi Zeta Rho Chapter with Bentley University.

Here is very own PARENT list of the pros and cons of Historic life:


  • Her grades suffered -The eight weeks that my daughter seemed to be pledging received a destructive affect to seducre her GPA. Even though the sorority claimed they necessary their members to study, the ones study lessons were the later part of at night and even unproductive. Youngster year sets the sculpt for your whole college occupation and this girl had to keep working harder to get her GPA simpler after that first of all semester.
  • Hazing -Whether that they fess as many as it not really, it happens. All colleges publish rules and regulations with it, but it really happens. My spouse and i many fights with this is my daughter about reporting the very infractions, nonetheless she guaranteed me the exact hazing wasn’t that negative. I hardly ever liked the item and could certainly not see the need for that kind of initiation.
  • Drinking -Greek daily life does lead to parties. Circumstance Greek people ALWAYS have beer. Drinking is encouraged and it’s adequate of passage during putting down. They don’t proper care that your frosh is underage. The alcohol is readily distributed.
  • The groupe mentality -Greek lifestyle encourages snobbery. If you’re a member of a sorority or a fraternity, you’re taught (whether directly or indirectly) that you’re superior to everyone else. We never preferred that mindset and it contradicted some of the values that I taught my child growing up.
  • The cost -Greek everyday living will add more hundreds of $ a semester to your faculty expenses. The most obvious costs will be dues. Still add to that tshirts, out of town vacations, and additional occasion fees which could not be written in semester dues. If you have a daughter, make sure you plan to obtain dresses intended for numerous semi-formal and professional events all year long.


  • Lifetime romances -My daughter manufactured some great mates during school, not all inside her sorority, but many were being. Her ‘big sister’ has become her companion and that romantic relationship is still formidable today. Your girlfriend big related helped your girlfriend through several difficult days in college (deaths regarding friends in addition to grandparents) together with helped their navigate the main ins and outs for Greek life.
  • Social knowledge -Greek life will force you to become socially active. The recent events and exercises enable you to grow to be comfortable within social occasions and help you discover how to fulfill and make new friends. Occur to be part of cameraman and this assists, especially if family members is miles away (as we were) and you call for a ‘home’ to visit.
  • Social networking -Going Greek gives you tremendous media connections throughout college along with graduation. Due to the fact you’re component to an alumni group, you have got outside connections that can help together with your job seek out and give people an upper hand in the submit graduation profession search.
  • Leadership techniques -My daughter supported in numerous leadership capacities around her sorority and as part of the on-campus Historic council. This girl learned ways to delegate, plan events, and also manage finances, all though being a component to a Historic organization.
  • Charity give good results -All Greek establishments adopt some sort of charity. Most of their members work hard to support this charity in addition to participate in fund-raising events throughout the year. This instructs them to surrender to others and it encourages a attitude that they take with them soon after graduation.

Hence here’s the massive question Am i not glad which will my child went Decorative? Yes. Ultimately, it was a positive experience on her. During the short-run, I was disappointed with some from the negative has an effect on and thought patterns I seen. It was right for her, nevertheless it’s not suitable everyone. If the teen provides his/her cardiovascular system set on Greek life, ask questions and be prepared to have some of the identical mixed sentiments I had.